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Now you are in the main hall. Welcome into the hall with a black and white interior in modern style, a live stage, a first-class sound equipment, a convenient location of tables and original atmosphere. This place is perfect for gatherings with friends, romantic dates, pleasant meetings, stylish events.

There are live concerts, drama plays, performances and exhibitions and many others events in this hall. Every Wednesday-Saturday you find here a new experience, a different atmosphere. The hall is very cozy; it brings you always good emotions and experience, good-quality music and excellent service.

From the hardware:

- Remote Analog Mixer (16 Channels) Soundkraft;
- Digital mixing console (32 channels) Yamaha;
- Portals & Subs JBL;
- Monitors (3 pieces) JBL
- Drum kit Yamaha ("working" snare drum and hardware is available);
- Guitar Combo Marshal;
- Guitar Combo Fender;
- Bass Combo Ampeg;
- Microphones AKG (3 pieces) and others (3 items)